More Than 2,721,820,552 Winners Since EuroMillions Launched – But What Was the Biggest Win?

There have been many lucky people who have beat the odds to come up with a win on the EuroMillions, billions of winners to be precise, but what have been the largest wins? The biggest win ever recorded with back on 10th August 2012 when a former UK postman scooped €190,000,000 after the jackpot rolled over a total of 14 times! The big win had an impact on him, and his wife and the pair divorced 15-months after his life-changing win.

EuroMillions Super draw

€190,000,000 was also won in Portugal on 24th October 2014 when the EuroMillions Super draw was won after five consecutive roll overs. The mystery winner became the biggest joint winner in the lottery’s history.

€190,000,000 seems to be a lucky number because another player scooped this exact same sum on 15th September 2017. Five rollovers came to an end when a lucky ticket holder in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria scooped the jackpot prize to become the country’s 83rd jackpot winner.

One Hundred and Eighties

12th July 2011, Chris and Colin Weir found their names on the UK’s Sunday Time Rich list when they won €185m. The retired television cameraman and his psychiatric nurse wife donated cash to several charities since their win, set up charitable trusts and much more. Before the dip in the exchange rate, their win remains the biggest ever won in the UK; the win of €185m became £161m after the conversion rates were taking into mind. Compare that to the €190m in Spain and this comes in at £148m in sterling, that’s £10m less with the conversion rate.

Two winners from France and one from Spain split €183m on 3rd February 2006 and took home €61m each.

Friday 17th November 2006, a total of twenty ticket holders shared €183m, because the then win-cap on rollovers meant if the jackpot wasn’t won, the prize would be shared between the winners on the next tier. Seven ticket holders in the UK, four in Spain, three in Portugal and in Spain, two in Ireland and one in Belgium took home €9.6m each.

Will you be the next big EuroMillions lottery winner? You can’t win unless you’re in and with tickets only costing €2.50 per play, it’s hardly going to break the bank. All you need to do is match five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two lucky stars from 1 to 12 to win!