How to play in worldwide lotteries?

How to play and take part in worldwide lotteries?

Taking part in lotteries by buying lottery tickets is still immensely popular. Virtually everyone has, at some point in their life, taken part in a lottery. Chances that you once bought a lottery ticket yourself are therefore quite good. Lotteries have been organised for decades and have always remained popular amongst people. But did you know that there are many more options for taking part in lotteries nowadays? For instance, you can easily take part in foreign lotteries, from all over the world. And you really do not first have to cross a physical border to buy tickets abroad, if you are hoping to have a shot at winning the mega jackpot. You can simply take part in the lottery of your choosing online.

Absurdly high cash prizes in the biggest lotteries in the world

For most people, lotteries represent some kind of dream. The millions and millions that you might win, have the power to completely turn your life upside down. Of course this is exemplified by the frequent lottery commercials showing a luxury life with yachts, swimming pools, mansions and expensive cars. Would you like to quit your job? If you win millions, you can easily do so! Setting up an animal shelter in the Spanish countryside? Who knows, this might become a reality if you take part in one of the popular lotteries.


In your own country, there might already be various lotteries that allow you to win pretty decent cash prizes. So you might perhaps wonder why you would want to take part in a foreign lottery instead. The answer to this is actually fairly simple: the extra high cash prizes. Each year, just before Christmas, people from all over the world are longingly looking at the draw of El Gordo. This Spanish lottery owes its name to the astronomically high jackpot. El Gordo simply means ‘The Fat One’. Other lotteries for which cash prizes are astronomical are EuroMillions (with a maximum jackpot of 190 million euros) and the US Powerball. The jackpot of the Powerball has already crossed the magic number of 1.5 billion (!) dollars before. Something that most lotteries cannot even come close to.

Taking part in a lottery of your choice

It would be safe to say that virtually every country has its own limited number of lotteries. In Germany, for instance, there’s the German Lotto; the Belgians are playing in the National Lottery of Belgium; the Dutch are known for their State Lottery; and millions of tickets are sold in Spain each year for the El Gordo. In the United States, the US Powerball and Mega Millions are the biggest and most popular lotteries. The versatile selection makes it very interesting to take part in various lotteries.

Ever since the arrival of the internet, it is possible to take part in various popular lotteries – both at home and abroad. It is completely legal to take part in the lottery of your choosing online. However, participation is – as always – at your own risk. Each country has its own regulations and legislation with regard to the distribution of lottery licenses. Therefore, you are subject to the regulations of the country in which the lottery is organised. Always keep this in the back of your mind when considering to take part in a foreign lottery.

How do I go about taking part in a lottery abroad?

Lottery tickets for the US Powerball, the Italian SuperEnalotto and the Spanish La Primitive are only sold within the borders of their own countries. For a while, this made it difficult for a foreigner to take part in these lotteries. However, as the entire world is currently connected through the internet, a solution has been found for this. And that solution goes by the name theLotter.

TheLotter is a company that does nothing else but purchasing and selling lottery tickets. For this, they make use of more than 20 offices spread around the world. Local representatives of theLotter will buy the lottery ticket of your choice on your behalf. This way, you can rest assured that you are officially taking part in the next drawing. At theLotter, there are 51 different lotteries for you to choose from. So whether you prefer a lottery from the US, Canada, Australia or something closer to home: it is all possible. As proof of your participation, you will receive a digital lottery ticket in your mailbox. Are you a lucky winner? Then you will be notified as soon as possible via text tor email. Therefore, it does not matter at all if you are unable to follow the draw in real-time. By the way, you do not have to worry about having to share your cash prize with theLotter if you happen to win. The prize that you win is all yours. You only pay a small fee for the service of theLotter, but this amount is already included in the purchase price of a lottery ticket. So there are absolutely no hidden costs.

The most popular lotteries at theLotter

There is no such thing as a typical lottery player. However, it has become clear that there are quite a few significant differences amongst countries. TheLotter has developed a separate customer profile for many countries. This provides you with some very interesting insights and useful information, such as with regard to the most popular lotteries in each country. The most popular lotteries amongst European players are the US Powerball (that some 30% of players takes part in) and EuroMillions (26%). It is quite remarkable that the other big American and pan-European lotteries (Mega Millions and Eurojackpot) are a lot less popular. A mere 11% of the players indicates that they buy tickets for Mega Millions, and Eurojackpot does not even rank in the top 5. However, there is quite some interest for SuperEnalotto (Italy) and La Primitiva (Spain). With a 5% share of lottery tickets sold, these lotteries complete the top 5. Apart from those, the German Lotto is also doing very well. Yet you have to keep in mind that you should never fall prey to tunnel vision. There are many more interesting lotteries for you to take part in. What to think about the California SuperLotto or the Florida Lotto? The jackpots for these lotteries are often measuring up quite well if you compare them to those of EuroMillions and Eurojackpot. The Spanish Loteria Nacional is another option for lottery players who are keen to try something new. During the extra monthly draws, you have a shot at winning cash prizes between 84 and 105 million euros. You might already have some ideas what you would do with that kind of money.

How about the tax on games of chance?

If you take part in a lottery and you actually win a big cash prize, you will automatically be subject to tax on games of chance. This goes for both national lotteries as well as foreign lotteries. The tax on games of chance is often directly deducted from the cash money that ends up in your account. So, this means that you pay your taxes in the country in which the lottery is organised. After having paid your taxes on the amount that you have won in the relevant country, you do not have to pay additional taxes in the country of which you are a resident. This also makes it very attractive to take part in foreign lotteries.

Take part & have a shot at winning amazing cash prizes

As you can see, taking part in lotteries around the world is fairly simple. Nowadays, the internet gives people the opportunity to play in virtually any lottery they want. Would you like to take part in a lottery online – and, on top of that, benefit from discounts or, for instance, a free ticket? Take a look at our overview of popular lotteries here and select the lottery that is most suitable for you. We would like to wish you the best of luck and a lot of fun at the next draw. And who knows, you might just be that person who wins the astronomical jackpot of millions and millions, or another great prize!