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  • America's biggest lottery
  • Big discount on tickets!
  • Record high payouts!
  • Draws twice a week


  • Biggest European lottery
  • Two draws a week
  • Guaranteed superdraws
  • Buy tickets easy online


  • Popular Italian lottery
  • No prize limits
  • Great reputation
  • Sky-high jackpots!


  • Impressive €90 million!
  • Big European lottery
  • 18 countries participate
  • Drawn every Friday


  • Record high jackpots!
  • Big American lottery
  • Optional Megaplier
  • Draws twice a week


  • Record high jackpots!
  • Popular Spanish lottery
  • Unique lottery tradition
  • Huge during Christmas


  • Germany's biggest lottery
  • Big discount on tickets!
  • Record high payouts!
  • Draws twice a week


  • Popular Australian lottery
  • Since March 2013
  • Big discount on tickets!
  • Record high payouts!


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Right here, you can find an overview of well-known and popular lotteries from all over the world. With this information, you can use a reliable intermediary to simply take part in the most diverse lotteries and have your shot at winning enormous cash prizes and astronomical jackpots. As it stands, you have the opportunity to take part in virtually any (well-known) lottery in the world. Through Loten.com, you can benefit from extra discounts on the purchase of tickets. We can get you an additional discount of up to 15% when purchasing lottery tickets, or even gift you a free ticket! Do not wait any longer and benefit today.

Playing popular worldwide lotteries with lottery tickets online

Lotteries are organised all around the world. In Europe, there are a number of well-known lotteries such as the EuroJackpot, the State Lottery, EuroMillions and the German Lotto. Although there are also a number of other interesting lotteries to take part in, that you can find in many other countries around the world. These lotteries are usually not given a lot of attention and in the rare event that one of those foreign lotteries manages to grab some International headlines, is when their jackpot has reached record heights. This is usually the moment on which many people start to fantasise about buying a lottery ticket for this lottery. Nowadays, you can simply do so online. The only question that remains is which lottery is best for you to take part in. This is obviously a matter of personal taste and preference, although there are a number of lotteries that are hugely popular. And this is obviously for a good reason.

Enjoy some of the popular lotteries

Lotteries really enjoy trying to one-up each other. A jackpot of 10 or 20 million euros has already long lost its appeal and will no longer draw in players from around the world. During the Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo, the jackpot might just go up to hundreds of millions of euros. A significant amount, although this prize is typically divided between 170 winners. With EuroMillions and US Powerball, you have a better shot of getting the jackpot all to yourself. And this jackpot is far from cheap. EuroMillions has a maximum jackpot of a whopping 190 million euros. Although this amount is still nothing compared to the highest jackpot of the US Powerball. This lottery has already paid out a jackpot of over 1.5 billion dollars. So, it is only logical that players from all around the world are eager to take part in those kind of lotteries.

Most of the players that buy a ticket for a foreign lottery do so through an intermediary, such as theLotter. After all, these companies deliver lottery tickets to nearly all countries of the world, ensuring that they have a pretty good idea about the different preferences of the gamblers. As such, one lottery might prove to be very popular amongst Belgian, Dutch and German players, while Mexicans or Brazilians much prefer staking their money on a game that is actually barely played in Europe. An analysis of theLotter has resulted in the following top 5 of lotteries that are favourites for European players:

  • The US Powerball
  • EuroMillions
  • Mega Millions
  • The Italian SuperEnalotto
  • La Primitiva (Spain)

The US Powerball

There are several reasons for buying a lottery ticket. The high jackpot is by far the reason quoted most frequently if people do decide to take part in a lottery. If you really want to have a shot at winning the highest jackpot out there, then the US Powerball comes highly recommended. Their record breaking jackpot of 1.5 billion dollars had to be shared between three winners. Even then, the highest amount won by a single player is far from stingy. Let’s face it, 758.7 million dollars can hardly be called a pittance. And it is likely that this amount will only get higher in the future.

Testing your luck at EuroMillions

The trend of big lotteries as started in the United States has been followed in Europe. As such, you can take part in EuroMillions. This lottery came into existence as the result of a collaboration between Spain, France and Great Britain. By now, there are nine countries in which you can officially buy tickets. This is definitely the biggest competitor of the EuroMillions lottery.

A lottery ticket for EuroMillions consists of two parts. For this, you get to choose 5 ‘regular’ numbers and one bonus number: the Lucky Star. This double score was invented by the people behind the US Powerball. It gave them the opportunity to boost their jackpot even further. The same can be said for EuroMillions. The standard jackpot is at least 17 million euros. Is this not quite enough for you? Then just sit and wait for a while, as this amount might eventually go up to a sloppy 190 million euros.

Mega Millions

Two of the biggest lotteries in the world are organised in the United States: US Powerball and Mega Millions. The draw of Mega Millions takes place every Tuesday and Saturday in the state of Georgia. During this draw, all eyes are focused on the jackpot. In order to win it, you need to correctly predict 5 regular numbers and a Mega Ball. Just like for Powerball and EuroMillions, a lottery ticket consists of two parts. Do you get all the numbers right? Then you are the proud winner of dozens (or even hundreds) of millions of dollars.

The Italian SuperEnalotto

Most lotteries organise a draw once or twice per week. The Italians, however, go about this somewhat differently. You can take out your lottery ticket no fewer than three times per week for the draw of the SuperEnalotto. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 6 numbers are drawn using a machine with 90 balls. Besides, you can opt for a SuperStar, that gives you a shot at winning extra prizes. The Italian SuperEnalotto is loved all over the world for its decent odds of winning a high jackpot. This jackpot will keep on growing until someone finally hits it.

La Primitiva (Spain)

Taking part in lotteries is nothing new. This can be seen from the fact that the Spanish La Primitiva has already existed for more than 250 years. The first draw took place in 1763 and even today, gambling enthusiasts still enjoy taking part in this national lottery of Spain.

At La Primitiva, you play with a ticket with 49 numbers. During the draws on Thursday and Saturday, 6 balls will initially roll out of the machine. So, you have to select 6 numbers per lottery ticket, all of which have to be correct in order to qualify for the jackpot. In 2012, an extra feature was added: the so-called reintegro number. This number is drawn after the 6 regular balls. Reintegro is a number between 0 and 9 that is always automatically added to your lottery ticket. Therefore, it is a matter of pure luck what your eventual lottery ticket looks like. And it might just be this aspect of not being 100% in control that adds to the charm of La Primitiva.

What is your favourite lottery?

The lotteries listed above are some of the most popular ones. Yet there are plenty more to choose from. For instance, try your luck in the German Lotto 6 aus 49, the French Loto or the Saturday Lotto Australia. The basic principle remains the same, but the feeling (and obviously the prize money) differs for each lottery. Therefore, the best approach is to simply take part in a number of different lotteries. You will eventually find out what your favourite is.