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Lotteries have conquered the world a long time ago. The big advantage of this game is that anyone can take part. You do not need any special knowledge, nor does it matter whether you already have quite some experience or never took part in a lottery before. There is only one factor that really counts: luck. And with this luck, you can win some pretty decent cash prizes, as the jackpot will often contain several millions. Lotteries are popular in all corners of the world. Ever since theLotter.com was founded, it has been possible to take part in all the big lotteries. It does no longer matter where you are. You only have to create an account and lotteries in Germany, England, New Zealand and Canada will soon all be within your hand’s reach. Are you the next player that theLotter gets to welcome?

TheLotter: online lottery tickets since 2002

There is perhaps some truth in the saying ‘Money doesn’t make happy’. But at a time that the jackpot of a lottery is growing and growing, there are still large groups of people who are eager to obtain such a highly coveted lottery ticket. In the past, this has more than once led to long queues in front of shops (and even at the country borders). There had to be a better and easier way, or so the people behind theLotter thought. This is why they started offering online lottery tickets for the world’s most popular lotteries, back in 2002. TheLotter was the first company that offered this service.

Over the past years, more intermediaries were introduced that made it possible to take part in lotteries from all around the world online, such as from the United States, Spain, France, Brazil and Australia. Thanks to the large selection (there are more than 50 lotteries to choose from) and the professional approach of the company, theLotter still remains the favourite of many players. And if you happen to win, you will most certainly not be the first one. As of today, more than 80 million dollars has already been won with lottery tickets sold through theLotter. The highest amount that was won with a single ticket is 30 million dollars. Although you might already be more than happy with a prize that is some millions of dollars (or euros) less.

You can play safely through theLotter

Essentially, lottery tickets can only be sold in the country in which the lottery is organised. As theLotter has representatives all over the world, they can purchase a lottery ticket locally, on your behalf. The only thing that you have to do, is select a lottery and (hopefully) your winning numbers. Right after payment has been received, the rest will be taken care of. As proof of your participation, theLotter will scan the lottery ticket so that you can view it in your account. It is obvious from the information written on it that this concerns an official lottery ticket. As such, you can see things like the serial number, the date of purchase and the place where the lottery ticket was purchased. This way, you do not have to worry about your precious lottery ticket getting lost or something else happening to it. The original is safely kept in a vault, and after the purchase you will, for extra security, receive proof of ownership in your mailbox. So whether you win a few dozen dollars or the jackpot of dozens of millions: you know for sure that the money ends up with the rightful owner. And that rightful owner is you, obviously.

Group games, bundles and subscriptions

TheLotter knows that every lotto player has his or her own preferences. And this is something that theLotter is quick to jump on. Aside from individual lottery tickets, you can also opt for a subscription, a bundle or a group game.

With a subscription, you automatically take part in the lottery of your choice. This is convenient because you will never forget a single drawing. Additionally, every tenth lottery ticket is free, making it cheaper as you go along. Are you going for a group game? Then you will purchase a large number of lottery tickets together with other players. The more lottery tickets, the greater your odds of winning. That money has to be shared with the other lotto players who have joined the online group. Finally, you can also opt for a bundle. With these, you have the option to combine individual lottery tickets with a group game. The bundles are all bespoke, so that theLotter has a suitable offering for every kind of player.

Aim for the stars with The Big and The Smart

Almost every country in the world has its own lottery. Now, not all of these lotteries are represented on theLotter.com, although you still have more than 50 to choose from. Big names include EuroMillions, Eurojackpot, US Powerball and Mega Millions.

Because of this huge selection, it might sometimes be difficult to make your choice. Doesn’t it matter much to you which lottery you are taking part in, but are you dreaming of the millions that can be won in a lottery? Then The Big is a great option. If you take a subscription on The Big, you will automatically take part in the lottery that has the highest jackpot at that point in time. Besides The Big, theLotter also has The Smart. For this option, several factors are taken into account: the price of a lottery ticket, the height of the jackpot and the odds of winning something. With a subscription, you get a lottery ticket for the lottery with the best cost-effectiveness twice a week. This truly makes for a smart game strategy.

Profit from many extras in the VIP club

If your regularly take part in lotteries like Eurojackpot, Mega Millions and the German Lotto 6 aus 49, you can gain VIP-status at theLotter. And this will deliver you some pretty decent discounts when purchasing new lottery tickets. The size of this discount depends on your status and the number of VIP-points that you have earned:

Bronze: for this status, you only need 51 to 200 points. You will receive discounts of 2.5%.

Silver: if you have between 201 and 500 points, you will be rewarded with a silver status. With this, you receive discounts of 5%.

Gold: this guarantees you discounts of 7.5%. You will need 501 to 2000 points to obtain this status.

Platinum: with 2001 to 5000 points, you will receive platinum status. For this, the discounts add up to 12,5%.

Diamond: do you have more than 5000 points? Then you have reached the highest status, for which discounts apply of up to 20%.

Now you might perhaps wonder how you get those VIP-points. This is actually very simple. For each dollar that you spend at theLotter, you will receive 1 point. If you pay in euros, the exchange rate on that specific day is taken into account, so that the distribution is always done fairly. With a VIP-status, you actually do not only profit from discounts on lottery tickets. You also get rewarded with extra promotions and personal guidance. This way, theLotter is trying to really pamper their most loyal players.

Managing money in your account

In order to purchase lottery tickets through theLotter, you need an account. This means that you do not directly pay for the lottery tickets through your bank account, but instead using the money that is in your personal account. This credit can easily be topped up using one of the many available payment methods. You could, for instance, opt for payment through iDEAL, creditcard or an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller. When you have a lottery ticket with a winning combination of numbers, the prize money will be deposited in your account. After that, you can determine for yourself whether you want to have it cashed out directly or if you prefer waiting until your prize money tally has gotten slightly bigger.

Discover the extra promotions and services

TheLotter offers some extras that might be particularly interesting for you, as a player. Do you have family members, friends, or acquaintances who are also interested in lotteries? Then use the Tell A Friend-option. With this, you instantly receive a nice bonus. For each person that signs up through you (and actually starts playing), theLotter will reward you with 10 dollars. Those extra lottery tickets that you purchase using this bonus money might just be worth thousands or even tens of thousands of euros.

Another useful option at theLotter is the free results- and/or winning notification. You will stay up-to-date about the most important results and jackpots via email. You will also be notified if your lottery ticket contains enough winning numbers to be eligible for a cash prize. Therefore, you no longer have to search for the results of a draw.

Get assistance from the professional customer service

All around the world, a lot of money is being wagered in lotteries. And if you’ve just got your mind set on the high jackpot of the Italian SuperEnalotto or the Australian OZ Lotto, it can be very frustrating to run into a problem with your lottery ticket or account. Thankfully, you can make your way to the customer service of theLotter 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.

TheLotter offers support in 14 different languages, including English and Dutch. On top of that, you get to decide what your preferred means of contact is. You can ask your question using the live chat, telephone (+44 20 3150 0476) or the contact form on the website. Do you prefer accessing TheLotter on your mobile phone? Then you might want to contact the customer service via WhatsApp. This is possible using the number +356 79 36 35 36. Whichever you prefer, you will always be assisted in a professional and prompt manner. As such, you can instantly go back to that what it is really about: taking part in your favourite lottery.

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TheLotter is a website that allows people to purchase lottery tickets from around the world. TheLotter is an intermediary and has local offices all around the world that buy lottery tickets for customers, using their preferred numbers. So, it no longer matters where you actually are in the world. You only have to create an account at theLotter and you will subsequently take part in the lottery (lotteries) of your choice! Besides, you will receive a significant discount on lottery tickets through Loten.com – or even a free lottery ticket. Make use of this deal today!

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