Buying lottery tickets for EuroMillions at TheLotter

EuroMillions is one of the two lotteries that are organised by a number of European lotteries collectively. Although there certainly is competition with that other pan-European lottery (Eurojackpot), EuroMillions is still winning in popularity. Especially the jackpot that can go up to 190 million euros makes it attractive to purchase lottery tickets for the next draw. Unfortunately, these lottery tickets are not yet sold in all European countries. To be exact: there are only nine countries in which you can get official lottery tickets in the shops and newsstands. And while, for instance, Belgium is one of those, its neighbour the Netherlands is not. Thankfully, none of this has to be a problem, thanks to theLotter. This lottery service facilitates the online purchase of lottery tickets, making it possible for the whole of Europe to have a shot at winning that great jackpot of EuroMillions.

The European version of US Powerball and Mega Millions

EuroMillions was modelled after the example of Powerball and Mega Millions, the biggest and most popular lotteries in the United States. Because many American states joined these lotteries, it has been possible to get the jackpot up to amazing record amounts ever since the first draw. And with a big jackpot, you will get a lot of players. So it was not surprising that, eventually, a European version was introduced as well.

The initiative for a pan-European lottery came from Spain, France and the United Kingdom, back in 2004. Not long after that, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and Portugal also joined EuroMillions. These are actually still the only nine countries who have physical points of sale for this lottery. Yet the time during which you had the cross a border to get your tickets is long past. You can now simply create an account on theLotter and pass on your lucky numbers digitally. Next, the lottery service will go out on your behalf to actually buy official lottery tickets. Without a lot of effort, you can have a shot at winning this amazing jackpot of millions and millions of euros.

Why do so many lotto enthusiasts choose for EuroMillion?

There are plenty of reasons to take part in the biggest lottery of Europe. Although most lottery enthusiasts opt for EuroMillions, as the jackpot is enormous – for European standards. The jackpot starts at 17 million euros and could eventually end up at a staggering amount of 190 million euros. If you happen to be the only one who gets all the numbers right, you will instantly get filthy rich.

Those who want to take part in EuroMillions will do well to keep an eye on the latest news surrounding this lottery. There is actually a phenomenon that is called the SuperDraw. With this SuperDraw, the jackpot will automatically go up to 130 million euros. This means that you have even better odds of winning gigantic prizes. When and how often this SuperDraw is held, is determined by the organisation of EuroMillions itself. But once the moment is there, this will be an extra reason to test your luck.

Which options does theLotter offer?

Before you start taking part in EuroMillions through theLotter, you obviously want to know first which possibilities this lottery service has to offer. For each kind of player, there are various interesting options to choose from. As such, you might just go for a standard lottery ticket. With this, you can select the numbers yourself and you only have to share the prize if there are several players who have the same number sequence on their lottery ticket. Do you want to take part using multiple lottery tickets, but do you lack the money to buy hundreds right away? Especially for those players, theLotter has invented the group game. Each player buys a ‘share’ and is therefore part owner of the total number of lottery tickets that you purchased collectively. This does mean that the eventual prize money has to be divided between all of you. Finally, you can also opt for a bundle. With this game type, you take part using a regular lottery ticket, as well as in the group game. This way, your odds will only increase that the EuroMillions draw will have a positive outcome.

Everything is well taken care of at theLotter

While purchasing online lottery tickets via theLotter, everything is taken care of from A to Z. At least, after you create an account, add to your credit, and fill out your lucky numbers for the EuroMillions lottery tickets. After all, these are the only things that you have to do yourself. Next, your request will be sent to a representative of theLotter, who buys an official lottery ticket on your behalf in one of the nine EuroMillions countries. The receipt (including the selected numbers, the place of purchase and the date of purchase) will be scanned and added to your account. So, you will always have a clear overview.

In case you happen to win something, you will automatically be notified by theLotter. You obviously do not have to wait for this. Through the website of theLotter, you can easily retrieve the results of the EuroMillions drawing. The prize money will automatically be added to your account. Then you can decide for yourself when you want to request a payout. Do you win the jackpot? Then theLotter has even made it possible to pick up the prize in Spain, Austria, France or England. The plane ticket will be paid for and you get great guidance from the local employees. The awarding of the EuroMillions jackpot is an experience that you will never forget!