Young Michigan Couple Who Won $500,000 on the Lottery Charged with String of Burglaries

Just three years after scooping $500,000 on the lottery, a young couple from Michigan have hit the headlines again, only this time, the pair have been arrested with a string of burglaries in and around Michigan. Stephanie Harvell and Mitchell Arnswald are accused of a series of robberies carried out in broad daylight over five counties and it the robberies went on for a period of two months.

A local couple winning half a million dollars

The pair have come a long way since the heart-warming story of a local couple winning half a million dollars on the very day they received an eviction notice; “I cried like a bay when I saw what I’d won, I still can’t believe it.” Harvell said back in 2016. Revealing how her and her husband and their two daughters had been living paycheck to paycheck, the then 25-year old had huge plans for her new-found wealth, only I bet they didn’t involve being arrested for theft three years later.

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Bay County Sheriff Troy Cunningham told local news outlets that the couple were arrested for roughly twelve burglaries within 60-days, but it’s believed the couple could have committed many, many more than this. Local authorities are working together to determine how many thefts took place and aim to get to the bottom of it. Troy added; “We believe they could be responsible for more than what we know of.”

In 2016, Harvell planned to buy a new house, a car and start college funds for her two daughters but this has not gone to plan.