There’s Strength in Numbers – Lotto Numbers! Find Out How Syndicates Could Benefit You!

Being part of a lottery syndicate guarantees three things; more players, more chances to win and more special moments! Being part of a syndicate is a great way to share the thrill of winning and you create a team with friends, family or even work colleagues and you can choose any of the following six lottery draws to get started; Lotto, Euro Millions, Set For Life, Thunder Ball, Lotto Hotpicks and Euro Millions Hotpicks.

Build the Team

Playing as a group can be a lot more fun than playing alone and celebrating a win with others can be so much more rewarding, according to the National Lottery. At the end of the day, you’re all in it to try and win a big jackpot – the more players with numbers in the syndicate, the more chances you have of winning, compared to going it alone. But you’ll need to get some friends, family or work colleagues together before you get the (lottery) ball rolling.

Setting up a syndicate agreement from the very start will provide ease and peace of mind for both the syndicate manager and the other members – this is important, because you don’t want to be falling out of you win now do you! As all payments are taken from, and all prizes are paid only to, the syndicate manager, it is important that everyone knows and are in agreement with how regularly payments are paid and how the prizes will be distributed to the syndicate members. The National Lottery say it’s important to consider the following before starting the syndicate:

  • Agree who the manager is
  • Which games, draws, how many lines will be played?
  • How and when will payments be made?
  • What happens if someone misses a payment?
  • How and when will prizes be shared – or will they be reinvested?
  • Will the group want publicity in the event of a big win?
  • How will the group communicate a large win – and to who?

Setting up a payment date from the members in your syndicate will eradicate any problems that could arise. If all payments are not in on time, it can be quite annoying and will cause disruption – and heaven knows, you may even miss out on a lottery win!

You can have as many people in your syndicate as you like but remember; the more players in, the smaller the cash pot will be for each player. An example of this is; 10 players in the syndicate with a £10,000,000 win, will result in £1,000,000 each – but 100 players in with a £10m win, will result in a much smaller slice of the pie – that’s £100,000 each.