Mississippi Lottery ‘Rolls’ Out New Powerball and Mega Millions Opportunities

Some four months after the Board of Directors at the Multi-State lottery Association (MUSL) approved the Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC) as its newest member to sell both Powerball and Mega Millions tickets, thousands flocked to take advantage of it.

January 31st was a fine day down at the Mississippi sound and whilst the sun reflected off the calming waters, Sen. Philip Moran made a ceremonial purchase of both Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

More than 1500 approved retailers were on board as the system activated at 3am (CST). Tom Shaheen, President at the Mississippi Lottery Corporation (MLC), said;

“Yesterday was another incredible day for Mississippi. Powerball and Mega Millions combined sales were $516,986. This is slightly over double of what we expected for jackpots at the current levels. Mississippians sent a resounding message that they were glad both games are here.

We are extremely grateful for our loyal retailer base and players as we moved forward with our mission to raise needed revenue for roads, bridges and education.”

Mike McGrevey the Board Chairman for MLC agreed that January 31st would become a banner day for the state. “I am grateful for the hard work of President Shaheen, the MLC staff, retailers and all the players. The Mississippi Lottery Corporation continues to bring more exciting game options, while benefitting the state in important ways.”

Mississippi is now the 46th state to sell both lottery tickets and both games offer plenty of chances to win in two drawings per week (each). That’s four chances to win life-changing cash as well as other smaller prizes.

It’s estimated that the first $80m of net profits will go towards infrastructure, but once that ten-year period is over, lottery collections of up to $80m will go directly into the state’s general fund. Any net profits beyond the $80m will go to the Education Enhancement Fund, which helps pre-kindergarten and the classroom supply fund.

Powerball vs Mega Millions

There are nine ways to win with the Powerball, starting with that red ball. To win the jackpot, a player must match all five main draw balls and the Powerball. The prizes will vary from $4 to the life-changing cash sum known as the grand prize. To put this into perspective, February 13th drawing was for $70m or $49.8m in cash value. Powerplay is a multiplier option which can increase the prizes of the lower tier cash sums. For example, if you had 2x in play and won $100, you’d win this x2.

Mega Millions doe exactly what it says on the tin; pays mega millions! Take Tuesday 11t Feb drawing for example; the cash pot was a staggering $202 MILLION, or $142m in cash. To win, simply match all five numbers and the yellow mega ball – simple! Winning the jackpot has odds of about 1 in 302,575,350…compare that to being murdered; 1 in 6,100, so the chances of winning are slim!