Mega Millions join Powerball in Adjusting Starting Jackpots

Since Friday 3rd April, new rules on how the Mega Millions jackpot drawings took effect. The consortium behind the major lottery brand announced that meetings had taken place and new legislation was agreed upon to adjust starting jackpots. But that wasn’t the only subject being discussed at the hushed meetings – the minimum jackpot increases took a hammer blow too.

Slowing sales during the current global pandemic is to blame for the latest changes which will now see starting jackpots based on ticket sales only. This means starting jackpots and the rate at which the jackpot increases will be based on game sales and interest rates only, with no fixed minimum amount. The value of each jackpot will be announced prior to the drawing.

Gordon Medenica, Lead Director of the Mega Millions Consortium and Director of Maryland Lottery and Gaming said: “The value of the Mega Millions jackpot is based on projected sales, and typical sales patterns have been altered because the current health crisis has required people to stay home. We are concerned, first and foremost, with everyone’s health and well-being. Meanwhile, these adjustments will allow the states and jurisdictions that sell Mega Millions tickets to continue generating much-needed revenue to support state budgets.”

The estimated jackpot for April 28th was $186 million or a cash option of $151.2 million. Winning numbers for Friday April 24th were 1, 27, 32, 60, 67 with the gold ball number 18. The overall chances of winning any prize is 1 in 24. Prizes are awarded based on the number of balls matched; from one golden ball right up to the five main numbers drawn and the golden ball.