Lucky EuroMillions Player from Hereford UK, Scoops £71,057,439

Ade Goodchild, a 58-year-old metal factory worker from Hereford UK, has become the 15th largest lottery winner, after scooping more than £71,000,000 in last Fridays EuroMillions draw. On Friday 15th March, Goodchild’s life changed forever, what with being the sole winner of a £71,057,439 fortune. He has already retired from his role and plans to travel the world in style, to buy a home with a swimming pool and hire staff to run around after him. The singleton is not exactly stupid, admitting that he hasn’t just turned attractive over night; “Just my wallet is” he said in a recent news interview. Goodchild is the 15th biggest winner in UK lottery history.

Using his mobile phone app to check his ticket, Goodchild assumed he must be one of many people to win the jackpot, but despite the ‘ping’ of his phone, he had to look and look again! The winning numbers drawn match that of his ticket; 3, 15, 24, 42 and 46, and two Lucky Stars 9 and 12.

Clean Those Glasses!

“It gave me the winning ‘ping’ sound and I thought I might have won a fiver or something. But when I checked I thought hang on, it looks like I’ve won £71,000. I put my glasses on to double check and then spotted that it was the jackpot prize and that all my numbers were circled. Then I read the prize amount again and realised that it was actually £71 million and just one winner – me!  It was then that I called my mum and dad. Their reaction was one of complete shock. I still don’t think it’s sunk in for them.”

Speaking on his upcoming lifetime of luxury, he said; “I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids so I’ll be doing a Nile cruise. I’ve also got a cousin in Canada so I want to go to see him. Then there’s the Grand Canyon and Vegas, I want to see the world. Like all parents, they worry about my mortgage, bills and how long I will have to work for. I’ve told my parents they can stop saving now and spend my inheritance.”


Many of his colleagues in the factory where he worked for the past 23 years were quick to express how pleased they were for his win, with one saying; “It couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella. He’s a top bloke. Always laughing and chatting. He used to joke about buying a mansion and living like a playboy if he ever won the lottery – now he can really live the dream.”

Sarah Swain, team manager at the Co-Op store where he purchased the ticket, also said; “He’s a lovely man. Of all the customers we have in here, no one deserves to have won more than Ade does.”

Even his ex-wife of 20-years, Suzanne Jeffcott, was quick to add her message of congratulations, and insisted that the women would now be “queuing at the door!”.