Is TheLotter reliable?

A winning lottery ticket is worth a lot of money. Sometimes this is only a couple of dozen euros, yet a lottery ticket could just as easily deliver you tens or hundreds of thousands of euros when you hand it in. Therefore, it is important to work together with a lottery service that is reliable. TheLotter is one of the biggest companies for purchasing online lottery tickets for the world’s most popular lotteries. But to what extent is theLotter actually reliable? We dare say that you can quite literally put your faith in their hands. Once you discover how the company exactly works, you will probably be convinced as well.

Get to know theLotter

When it comes to money, it is crucial that you know who you are dealing with. Therefore, we should first take a look at the history of TheLotter. The company was founded in February 2002, with only one goal in mind: to let gambling enthusiasts from all over the world take part in their favourite lottery. And as lottery tickets for a lottery are only sold in the organising country itself, you really need such an intermediary.

TheLotter has no ties to any lotteries or organisations whatsoever. It is an independent party, so you can rest assured that nothing will be forced upon you. You want lottery tickets for your favourite lottery and theLotter makes this possible. That is how simple it is. Of course, the company has all the required licenses in order to be allowed to offer this service. TheLotter Enterprises Ltd. is registrered in Belize under license number 59448/

Safely creating an account and topping up your credit

In order to purchase lottery tickets through theLotter, you first need to create an account. This obviously also means that you have to fill in some personal details. It makes sense, because if you happen to win something, theLotter wants to know for sure that the money ends up with the right person. A secure connection is used for the page that stores your personal details. This actually applies to the website as a whole. So those who do not have any business looking at your details, will not be able to access it. This secure connection is even more important when it comes to topping up your credit. You do not buy your lottery tickets directly, using the money in your bank account, but rather do so through your account. You can seamlessly transfer money to your own account, so that you will have enough credit to purchase lottery tickets.

How can you know for sure that you are taking part with official lottery tickets?

Only if you have gotten your hands on official lottery tickets, will you officially be taking part in the Australian OZ Lotto, the British Thunderball or the Spanish La Primitiva. Since you will not be able to enter a store yourself to purchase lottery tickets, it might feel like a huge gamble to do so online. In order to remove those doubts, theLotter came up with a clever method. After a representative of the company buys a lottery ticket on your behalf, the receipt will be scanned. On this scan, you can see exactly which numbers you will be playing with, where the lottery ticket was bought, when it was bought and all other information regarding the purchase. For safety purposes, all of these lottery tickets are kept in a vault. No one will be able to run off with your prize now.

Honest and transparant about the own bottom line

Perhaps you purchased your first lottery tickets without too much consideration. But once you turn out to be the proud winner of a significant cash amount, you start to wonder: is a part of the profit perhaps kept by theLotter? After all, this company has to make a profit as well. TheLotter is always very clear about where they get their profits from. Your prize money is not a part of this. For each lottery ticket that you purchase, a small service fee is included. Because of this, lottery tickets for the Powerball or for El Gordo are slightly more expensive than they would be if you would purchase them in a news stand in the US or in Spain. For theLotter, it does not matter at all whether you win. Even if you bring in a jackpot of millions and millions, not a single euro of this prize will go towards theLotter. Proof that the prize money will in fact be paid out, can actually be seen from the up-to-date list of winners who are featured prominently on the website. TheLotter is proud that players win huge cash amounts through their service. This is why the money that you win will be 100% yours to keep.

Will you be one of the satisfied customers of theLotter?

Over the past 15 years, theLotter’s way or working has resulted in a large number of satisfied customers. Some of them only bought a lottery ticket once, but many enjoy coming back frequently. And this definitely means something. If you purchase a lottery ticket through theLotter, you will probably be the next to appreciate the reliability of this lottery service.