First Lotto Ticket Purchase Led to £120,000 Win for One Lucky Teen

Did you know, the odds of winning the lottery in the UK are so stacked against you that you’re 35 times more likely to be murdered? As gruesome as it sounds, you actually have more chance of being murdered ten-times over than landing the jackpot, but this doesn’t see to phase the players. This week, one lucky teen decided to purchase his first ever lotto ticket and he’d doubly glad he did, because he only went and won £120,000 on the Set for Life draw on 12th August.

The lucky 19-year old from Leamington bought a lucky dip ticket for the draw and even went into work the following day, believing his ticket was a non-winner. Speaking to local media, Sam Lawton revealed that his mother is a little miffed at his win, because she’s never won and has been playing since it started.

“I think my mum has played the lottery since it started. I spoke to my sister and apparently mum had seen there were four winners and she was fuming that she wasn’t one of them. But then she found out that I was! I rang her in Tesco and she was at the checkout and she just broke down on the phone to me.”

Shocked Win

Reiving the moment they found out about the huge win, Connie revealed:

“He came downstairs because he had entered on the lottery app and said ‘Connie can you check this for me because I don’t really understand what’s going on’ and I said to Sam ‘there is no way you have won that amount. I’m putting that out there now. Let’s just find another way around this because I think you have got this wrong’.”

The pair were not convinced on the win so rang her brother for advice and he confirmed the numbers back to them, but they also rang the National Lottery;

“I started work at 8am, called The National Lottery Hotline to check if I had won, and by 8:45am I was on my way home as a winner. My head was spinning, I needed to see Connie.” Said Sam.

The lucky Data Analyst lives with his partner; Connie Bell and their son Noah. The prize won will now see him receive a total of 12 payments of £10,000 – that’s £10,000 a month for a whole year! Plans have already been made; a trip to New York and a deposit for a house – not bad! Connie added her comments on her partners new-found-fortune:

“Obviously with us being young as well it has always been ‘what will the future hold for us’ because we are still only renting. Knowing that we will have a place that will be our home and will always be our home just feels amazing. It takes away a lot of those worries because we will always have somewhere to go.”