EuroMillions Fraudster Strikes Again Plus News on How EuroMillions is Changing

This July, EuroMillions is changing. National Lottery bosses have announced some huge changed to EuroMillions, which will come into effect in July and this means more money will go to the causes that need it most. Every time you play a National Lottery game, you help the charity support a series of good causes and projects. The amount of money awarded to these causes will depend on a number of variable factors, this includes the proportion of ticket sales that is made available to pay out prizes before proceeds are then passed on to the charities. For every ticket purchased at a cost of £2.50p, 85p is allocated to the UK Millionaire maker game. A percentage of the total value of UK Millionaire Maker entries is then made available to pay the game’s prizes. To date, 42% of that 85p Millionaire Maker stake, goes towards the prize money, but from 14th July 2019, that percentage will fall to 30% – whilst this means a dip in percentage, it means more money will go into the Big Lotto fund, but this doesn’t affect your chances of winning.

EuroMillions Fraudster Struck Once Again

A conman from Birmingham, England, has struck again having first made the headlines for claiming he had won £123 million on the EuroMillions. The trickster swindled thousands of pounds from a shopworker on the back of his claim, promising to repay her generosity with a huge £500,000 slice of his new found fortune. The money was needed for his mother open-heart surgery back home in Pakistan, but he didn’t win the lottery, didn’t need to save his mother and didn’t pay back the cash.

Now he’s stooped lower than before. In his latest scam, the fake EuroMillions winner said his mother’s heart surgery did not go to plan, which meant she passed away, so he needed money for her funeral. But he had a new victim in his sights for his latest scam; a Birmingham city HR worker named Sanjita who believed his plight and parted with £900, on the premise of receive £200,000 from a new £1,000,000 lotto win – this guy is extremely luck with the lottery, right?

Thirty-year old Sanjita is too embarrassed to contact police because she believes nothing will be done. Speaking to a local media outlet, Sanjita said:

“It’s the hope that really got me. He was telling me my life had changed forever, he was telling me to give up my job. The hope really kicked it out of me. If I’d listened to him, I could be homeless now. I was telling him my background, and we kind of clicked. He seemed a genuine person. Looking back, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. My head was all over the place, I was fasting.”

 She concluded with:

 “He should receive an Oscar for the performance he gave. As a Muslim, I was brought-up to believe in charity and helping others. He threw that in my face.”