Double Whammy for US Man After Hitting Powerball Jackpot Twice in Same Day!

Could you imagine what life would be like landing a $1million on the Powerball? It would be glorious! Now imagine what life would be like landing $1 million on the Powerball twice in ONE DAY! Joe B from Pueblo, Colorado has been playing the same set of numbers for nigh on thirty years, when his numbers finally came up – twice!

Joe B purchased two tickets last month; one in the morning and one in the evening from separate vendors. Despite being two different tickets, the numbers were the same; 05, 09, 27, 39, 42. According to the Colorado Lottery, “Joe likes to play one play of his own numbers, and a couple more plays with Quick Picks. He bought a few Powerball plays in the morning at 7-Eleven on 926 Lake Ave, then stopped and bought a few more plays in the evening at Loaf N’ Jug on 2050 Lake Ave.”

That’s $2 million in cold hard cash! How lucky was he?! Collecting his winnings last week, the double-winner was asked if he had plans for the winnings, to which he replied: “The boss (his wife) has plans for it”

Is this the first time someone has won the lottery twice in the same day? You may be surprised, but no, it isn’t. A man in Delaware earlier this year accidentally purchased two identical tickets into a Powerball drawing and landed a win of $100,000 (before taxes!). Back in 2012, a woman from Virginia also bought two tickets instead of the one with the same numbers and won two $1 million prizes too!

Will you be next to make that twice in one day lottery win list?