Are You the Lucky Winner of Saturday’s $128m Powerball Draw? Find Out Here

The Powerball draw for Saturday 10th August had a staggering jackpot prize of $128m up for grabs – but was it won? Sadly, there were no winners of the jackpot which means the jackpot will increase from $128m to $138m for Wednesday’s drawing. That’s a lot of cash to win, but how much would it be after the usual tax deductions and winners opting for the cash settlement (other than the jackpot instalments)?


If Saturday’s $128m was won, the winner would have bagged $86.1m in cash. If someone manages to land the top prize on Wednesday, the cash lump sum take home would be $96m.


The winning numbers from Saturday were:

35, 41, 44, 58 and 59 – Powerball: 3 – Power Play: 3x


Despite the top prize not being won, there was one lucky winner in Elizabethon who managed to scoop $150,000 for matching four main numbers with the Powerball. The ticket was purchased at J&2 Market at 409 Johnson Avenue, so if you purchased a ticket here, go check your numbers!