$36.7m Powerball Prize Claimed in Victoria

In a surprising turn of events, the $36.7m Powerball jackpot has now been claimed, thanks to lottery officials releasing the name of the outlet in where the ticket worth $36.7m was sold. Usually, this process isn’t required, but because they had no way of contacting the winner, they needed to get into the press to alert the unbeknownst winner!

After revealing the Powerball division one-winning ticket was sold at Mid-Town Lotto in Gisborne, in country Victoria, a young Macedon Ranges family have stepped forward to claim the huge life-changing sum of money and have begun “fantasising about the future”.

After lottery officials confirming to the young couple that they had in fact won $36.7m – and being the last of the winning ticket holders from last week’s draw, the winners who are described as an ‘everyday couple’ were stunned, before dissolving into hysterical laughter.

The Call

(Woman caller told she has won $36.7m) “Say it again!”

“Umm, yeah! I have no words!” added the man.

“We checked our entry yesterday. We just kept looking at the numbers. I was saying ‘the numbers are not in the same order as the computer’ so I wasn’t sure if the order mattered or not and whether we’d really won,” stated the woman.

After revealing he often only purchased Powerball tickets when the prize started to soar, the man said: “I’ve been playing with the dream that one day I might win division two or something like that. This is just a bit more than that! “It’s mind-blowing. It’s life-altering. It means I can give my family everything they need. It’s amazing! It really is.”


Mid-Town Lotto owner John Kelly said it was his first division one winning entry he has sold. “My staff will be thrilled when I tell them as they’ve put in such a big effort this week. It’s been so busy leading up to the Powerball draw. I’m sure we’ll be busy in the coming days as people check their tickets. We can’t wait to deliver the news to one of our customers.”

Despite the lotto win not yet sinking in, the mother of two has claimed she will not be giving up her job; “I love my job in medical research so won’t be giving that up but I do hope to use the money in a meaningful way. We’ve got two kids so this will go a long way to setting them up for the future.”

The Other Winner

A young man from Adelaide is also $36.7m richer after this same drawing, but he wishes to remain anonymous, but he did release a statement through lottery officials on what he plans to do with his new found fortune.

“I would love to take my family on a holiday. I’m not sure where exactly I’ll be going but I think a round-the-world trip might be on the cards. In fact, we could even do it first class. I’ll also pay off my family’s mortgages and donate heaps to charity. I might quit my job,” he said.

“I don’t know, I’m still in shock. I just can’t wait to get off the phone so I can call my family and tell them the news. I don’t know if they’ll even believe me.”